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Our "Secret Sauce"

5 years ago our Bangalore based SEO company invented an algorithm, which was constantly updated ever since. Currently this algorithm consists of 7 steps which let almost any kind of website dominate its market niche on search engines.

What to expect:

Every SEO case has its own ins and outs. However, in most cases we achieve first page Google results for promoted list of keywords within 2-4 months, increasing website traffic, attracting those who already search for the company.

Does it work?

Generally SEO is able to put your brand among the industry leaders and build customers’ loyalty through building the sustainable resource that independently produces sales and grows residually. See “Do the Math” to find out how organic SEO can dramatically decrease an industry average cost per click and cost per sale.

Do the math

PPC vs Organic SEO

Doing nothing
Pay per Click
Organic SEO
The average Cost per Click for an average company which pays for
the PPC is 6.6 times more than our average client pays for an
Organic SEO.


Numerous studies show that people do not trust PPC links as much as Organic links. Many times you saw links on Google’s search pages which are placed into the colored bar – those are Pay Per Click links. People might check them out now and then, but they’d probably choose the white background link beneath, which looks like it has earned its position. Thus, much of the PPC traffic turns into a wasted investment, when people come and go, while you have to pay for all their visits.


Another disadvantage is that when you stop paying for PPC, your website’s top online presence immediately disappears. With an effective Organic SEO, your rankings tend to stay visible for months even if the work on SEO has stopped for some reason. Clients derive an ongoing benefit from multiple clicks from the same link.


Organic SEO can get benefits for company’s brand online by making different pages of your website occupy multiple spots. As a result, potential clients see your company name over and over. That helps maintaining your brand identity and marketplace dominance for your particular set of keywords.

OSTPL says:

We would never waste our and ours clients’ time & money invested into projects that won't ever become successful. If you work with us, we will make sure that you not only get some ranking improvements through SEO but dominate the search market in your industry.

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