As technology evolves so rapidly, companies recognize the need to keep pace with the audiences seeking to buy their products and services. Simplified interactions between user and Internet are causing major behavioral changes. Typing on a keyboard as our main access to the Web is diminishing. Today, we already talk to our smartphones and swipe at our tablets to search the digital world.

Tomorrow we will use hand gestures. Soon after, we'll use our eye to direct search. Google Glass is only the beginning of this revolution! Search algorithms will change to mimic the psychology of user interactions. Technology's sophistication means that search will follow as well. Imagine that one day we may likely use all our five senses (sight, sound, smell, touch and taste) to direct our search. All these new factors will transform SEO algorithms and create a new mainstream for interactions with the Web.

We can expect that:

  • Sites will be able to crawl up search results due to the amount of their social activity and citation strength.
  • Your friends and their social media recommendations will create more relevant and personalized search results for everything from restaurants to shoes.
  • Local search will use targeted algorithms that display better results.
  • Onsite and platform optimization will become much more personalized and sophisticated.
  • Personal web influence will be much stronger than it is now. Web circles will reshape your personal search results and become another pillar of search, while merging with your web preferences to form more accurate bio-profiles.

These trends will completely change the way we search now - which is no surprise.

 We live in an always-changing, dynamic world. Technology and accompanying search is changing right along with it. As technologies of today become inefficient, companies will have to reshape marketing strategies to survive. Smart ones will thrive.

As humans, our hunger for new knowledge is neverending. People will keep searching; and SEO technology will remain a strong part of the picture, though it will always be changing. Just watch. Social trends are shifting in front of our eyes. Let's all see what happens over time.

All right everybody! Keep tweeting, posting, and sharing. Keep building one common informational network - the Internet of tomorrow!

by Alex Sosnov