Trend 1: Flat Design

Since the release of Apple’s new iOS 7, their entire interface is brimming with a flat, sleek design. As with most things Apple, it became instantly popular. Our creative team is already using this similar design trend to create websites that function brilliantly and carry the cutting-edge look-and-feel of our modern age.


Trend 2: Fewer Words, Bigger Fonts

In the past five years, mobile optimization of successful websites has evolved from a convenience to an absolute “must-have”. 1.2 billion people currently access the web from their mobile devices and half the United States population owns a smartphone.  Due to these huge numbers, ostpl Web recommends presenting content that is best suites for mobile consumption. We ensure that text is less wordy and more focused. Larger fonts give more impact to headlines. The trend is to get in and find what you need.


Trend 3: Cool Scrolling Techniques

Infinite scrolling – which is being used on many popular social media websites - provides a fluid experience without the need for much clicking.  Content is revealed to users who simply continue scrolling, with access to fresh website content.

Parallax Scrolling. - When web page backgrounds move more slowly than foreground content, focus is brought to specific text and imagery. Originated for video arcade games in the 1980’s, the trend has been rediscovered. Companies, who need to impress media savvy audiences, use this technique, including ostpl Web Design Company.

Horizontal scrolling – a new type of interactive content scrolling that is more intuitive (because it mimics traditional reading) and natural in a way it showcases information.


Trend 4: Gamification

Want visitors to stick around and revisit your website? Our clients, particularly education-oriented websites, are experiencing great success with Gamification. Incentives that change user behaviors lead to better goal-setting and task accomplishment – valuable benefits for virtually any website.  Doling out electronic badges and awards produce magical results. For clients’ websites that sell products, ostpl Web Design Company is figuring out ways to boost sales using the gamification trend. Recent research proves that users are more likely to return to a website if they have participated in a game, or completed a designed gaming challenge.


The new year is shaping up to be an innovative and exciting time for web design and technology.  As ostpl Web Design Company continues to grow, we’ll implement new trends and techniques that benefit our clients’ bottom lines. We look forward growing and learning, along with our clients. Join us and become a trendsetter in your universe!

by ostpl Web Design Company