Love is in the Air

The season of love is upon us.  It is the special time of year during which people express our deepest feelings to our significant others.  Many thoughts come rushing to one’s head when Valentine’s Day is mentioned.  Some think of flowers, while others prefer chocolates.  Universally, everyone thinks about the heart.


Birth of an Icon

The heart symbol has been with us for a very long time.  Dating back to ancient paintings on cave walls, the heart has helped people through the ages express their feelings.  Aristotle believed the heart contained all the human passions - including reason, thought and emotion. Many believed the symbol was an early depiction of the heart’s actual appearance.  Other theories state that the symbol bears a striking resemblance to the seedpod of the silphium plant, which the Romans praised for its beneficial medicinal qualities.  The Romans even used the symbol on their currency. The symbol was eventually brought to the New World by Christian missionaries; and remains in wide use today.


Love in design

The popularity of the heart as a design element comes as no surprise. Since everyone feels powerfully about love and compassion, a symbol representing the essence of the emotion is bound to be successful and widely spread. ostpl Web Design Company’s designers strive to create imagery that has this type of timeless appeal. When crafting logos, the common symbolism that communicates to specific audiences makes our work immediately understandable. No words are required to spell out the meaning to people. We love making memorable designs.


Our Design Approach

A prime example of a memorable logo created by our design team is shown below for The Beeswax Store.  Our client sells specialty beeswax products, such as candles and creams. By showcasing an abstract bee within a stylized honeycomb, site visitors instantly know what products are available. The supporting text further identifies the symbol as representing an online store.  The warm colors and soft lines emit a sense of familiarity and comfort that keeps consumers coming back for more.


Express Yourself!

Most importantly, we encourage you to appreciate the love and care you receive from that special someone. Make sure that she or he knows you enjoy sharing in eachothers’ love. If you’re on your own this year, maybe it’s the perfect time to express your interest and take a chance at love. Lastly, go out (or better yet, stay in…) and have fun!

Picture credits:

by ostpl Web Design Company