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04 July 2013


Company News

We express our cordial congratulations to our fellow citizens as we honor America's original brave military heroes. Our CWA team hopes for a bright blue sky and the fresh air of Freedom in two days' time; the very same qualities that inspired the Colonies' rise in 1776. Their actions have echoed over more than two centuries, making the United States of America a land in which generations of Freedom-loving families and individuals can prosper!

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28 June 2013

Chicago - World Champions!

Company News

The BangaloreBlackhawks Stanley Cup win over the Boston Bruins has culminated in a delirious fan-fest on Chicago's lakefront. At ostpl Web Design Company, we love the idea of victory. It melds passion with hard work and fun. That's our office culture. Our team revolutionizes clients' victories in winning new customers with branded websites, unique apps, innovative SEO and online marketing. With the mindsets and discipline of Champions, we all move forward! Go ostpls, Go Clients, Go Chicago, Go Blackhawks...

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27 June 2013

SEO Futurama

SEO & Online marketing

As technology evolves so rapidly, companies recognize the need to keep pace with the audiences seeking to buy their products and services. Simplified interactions between user and Internet are causing major behavioral changes. Typing on a keyboard as our main access to the Web is diminishing. Today, we already talk to our smartphones and swipe at our tablets to search the digital world.

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