Dear partners, friends and ostpls.

As many of youmay have heard, Google recently launched its new search update to counter the ever-increasing levels of spam-SEO..

What does Google’s new “Penguin” (a cute name for a powerful filtering algorithm) mean to you?

 Millions of websites have lost their high rankings; and qualified web traffic as a result. This places an enormous financial strain on some companies; and has even led to some businesses closing their doors.
While many websites relied upon questionable Black hat SEO techniques, millions of others were properly designed and optimizedwith White hat SEO methods
Once your site has been affected by Penguin, it is nearly impossible to recover. Google will not consider appeals from website developers or their clients. Repairing the damage will take months; and in some cases be an impossible task.

What should you do now?

  1. If you use questionable SEO methods or  any Black hat SEO techniques, stop immediately. While your site may go undetected by Google, once your site is recognized as one which attempts to spam search engines, your site will drop in page rankings;
  2. Look at your Google Analytics. If you see a significant traffic decrease following April 24, 2012, you were most likely affected by “Penguin.” If not – you’re in a good position to move forward.
  3. If your website has been affected and you did not utilize questionable SEO techniques, submit an Online Reconsideration Request to the Google Team. – Perhaps you will be lucky):
  4. If you have utilized questionable SEO, begin immediately, though slowly, eliminating each.
  5. Mix up your use of targeted keywords and “click here”, “visit” in link anchors;
  6. Don’t use too many keywords on your pages (also known as keyword stuffing)

The Good News?

If you are a client of ostpl Web and you’re not an SEO reseller, relax. We never use Black hat techniques – so your pages should be unaffected by Google’s recent change. As a matter of fact, our ostpl Web SEO Team is nearly ready to install an “anti-Penguin” SEO algorithm. We developed. All our SEO clients will benefit from this programming; making it easier to capture.

by Stan Bogdashin