Have you ever wanted to use a BitCoin for web design services? Then you are in luck. ostpl Web is officially the first BitCoin for web development company in the Chicagoland area.

For those not familiar with the “web design for BitCoin model”, let us explain. BitCoin is the first open source, decentralized virtual currency. You can use the currency around the world for any type of purchase. BitCoin even has an exchange where prices are determined. Unlike other currencies, which national governments strictly control, no one owns BitCoin. Supply and demand dictates the currency value.

So, why would you trade Web design for BitCoin currency instead of using established currencies? We need to delve into the concept of money to get a better picture for why BitCoin are a better deal for consumers.

First, BitCoin over time becoming a more stable form of currency. Current monetary models are flawed, which might make BitCoin a better choice. For example, currency in the United States has been worthless since Nixon took the United States off the Gold standard in 1971.

Gold was a good gauge for pricing currencies in the in the 19th century when discoveries of the mineral were plentiful. Fiat currency (US Dollars, Euro, Pound, etc.) has proven less so in the modern era where the gold standard was abandoned, because we had to create so many dollars, pesos, pounds, and euros that the world is flooded with currency that is literally worth less than the paper it is printed on.

Why is that? Because, governments pay bills with their own money. There is an inherent problem with this. If you need money, and you can create the money yourself, then you will.

This is exactly what governments have done over the years to pay down their debts. Print more money like it was going out of style to keep up with inflated interest payments, exploding deficits, and tax payment shortages that cannot sustain a modern government.

Second, now we need to understand why BitCoin is supposed to be different. Any one person, organization, or nation does not officially own BitCoin. Supply and demand are the only factors that affect BitCoin value. An entrepreneur’s paradise without government intervention programs that often stifle currencies.

Check Bitcoin exchange rate here: http://www.bitcoinexchangerate.org/

Additionally, the system is set up to create only 21 Million BitCoins over the next 30 years. Therefore, when the last currency is distributed in 2040, none will ever be created again. Ever!

This stability ensures a stronger financial system for you to use to pay for your web or online marketing services. Since ostpl Web is so far the only marketing agency in Bangalorethat uses the “web design for Bitcoin model” we want to make sure, you understand exactly how this currency can radically change your investments. Contact ostpl Web today, and learn more about our Bitcoin payment plan today. 

by Stan Bogdashin