Cheers Ladies and Gentlemen!

Welcome to ostpl Web Design Company’s new website. We are glad to greet all of you, our old friends and clients and those who are on the way of becoming such! We are pleased to announce that we’ve been through the complete rebranding and finally we can present what was done. We’d also like to thank all of you who took part in this process because your advice and participation always hit the spot.

At the meantime we experience the great shift in our approach to business, design, attitude and general vision of what we do. We’ve been mastering our skills honing everything to perfection, so that according to our service and skill range we are ready to represent ourselves as ostpl Web Design Company.

We came to a point when it was obvious we should have revolutionized it. And now we are ready to revolutionize it for you, revolutionize your vision of the IT world, the vision of branding, design and development. We begin the new chapter in the story of ostpls and we wish that it would tell about our successful partnerships with you, our devoted friends and colleagues.


by ostpl Web Design Company