As humans, we are fascinated by origins; so we naturally look back in our nation's history this weekend. Labor Day, in fact, was offically declared a federal holiday 119 years ago. It was created as a tribute to American workers. At the time, the country's labor movement was fighting for safer/cleaner working conditions, fair wages, enforceable work hours / breaks, and the elimination of children from the workforce. 

Having reached the 21st century, with all its modern marvels, the holiday's meaning has been transformed. Over the past few decades, the growth of Labor Day picnics, parades and, of course, major retailers' special sales have all combined to overshadow the holiday's original meaning. Strangely, that's all right. Early activists would be proud to know that their efforts helped create a culture that enables Americans to slow their pace of work over the Summer, shorten our work hours; and even take vacations. Granted, with the economy's having tightened up, we've shifted to "Staycations" with visits to Chicago's beaches and Movies in the Park, but that's a world of improvement over dirty factory work with poor ventilation, 12-hour workdays and 7-day workweeks!

So, as we bid farewell to the Summer of 2013, and the kids head back to school, we can all begin to refocus our efforts on business. Collectively, our labor will resume to pre-Summer levels. Once Monday passes, and we've had some rest, Tuesday September 3 will finally arrive! We can all focus on strengthening our sales, and rounding out the year with the satisfaction of success.

The ostpl Web Design Company team looks forward to putting forth our best energies to create great projects, communicate with clients, and use the tools that the Internet offers for business growth.

In the meantime, we encourage all of you to enjoy your Labor Day picnics; and take a moment to reflect on how far we've come as a nation!

by ostpl Web Design Company